Left: Untitled. Centre: Dying With A View Of The Vagina. Right: Untitled. (Also: Claustrophobic Coitus. One. Other art works by Jessi Reaves.
Top left: Portrait V. Top right: Bra. Bottom left: Untitled. Bottom right: Rain On pane. Front: book salt by Pieter Slagboom.
Book salt by Pieter Slagboom. Page 93. (Untitled)
Poetic Flesh (also: Feminist Giving Birth TO A Baby Boy) In progress.
Installing Saturated Manuscript.
Installing Saturated Manuscript.
99 Bowery, New York City.
Pictured here is Bridget Donahue with Fingers II
Pictured here is Gregory Carideo in overview.
Pictured here is Erin Leland with Toes.