Left: Untitled. Centre: Dying With A View Of The Vagina. Right: Untitled. (Also: Claustrophobic Coitus. One.) Other art works by Jessi Reaves.
Top left: Portrait V. Top right: Bra. Bottom left: Untitled. Bottom right: Rain On pane. Installation try-out. Front: book salt by Pieter Slagboom.
Book salt by Pieter Slagboom. Page 93. (Untitled)
Poetic Flesh (also: Feminist Giving Birth TO A Baby Boy) In progress.
Installing Saturated Manuscript.
Installing Saturated Manuscript.
99 Bowery, New York City.
Bridget Donahue with Fingers II
Gregory Carideo in overview.
Erin Leland with Toes.